Popular thought says you can’t spot reduce in the personal training world, yet magazines to sell and use controversial statements say you can…

I believe you can spot reduce however not using the commercial templates used, first of all if the diet isn’t lean protein and green and your not burning more calories than your consuming, forget about spot reduction, this article isn’t for you. However, if your serious about eating healthily or making healthier alternatives as long as you follow a few rules yes you can spot reduce. I don’t believe ab exercises are the most intense calorifically so the best way to do abs is in a way that you are also fat burning so I tend to like putting intervals or cardio intervals with a core workout, and the only other rule is if I am focusing on the core we must improve their posture and standing up tall strongly and well.

Have as little as 10 seconds rest between each set.

Train 4-5 times a week

Day 1
run for 5 minutes at a comfortable pace
seated row x 4 sets
squats x 4 sets
deadlifts x 4 sets
mountain climbers x 4 sets
lying leg raises x 4 sets
interval training on the treadmill x 10 sets x 20 secs

Day 2
cycle sprints x 10
sit ups x 4 sets
hyperextensions x 4 sets
squat jumps x 4
side plank hip raises x 4 sets x 15 reps
interval sprints x 5 sets x 15 secs

Day 3
bent over row x 4
deadlifts wide grip x 4
cross trainer backwards and fast for 3 minutes
standing dumbbell military presses x 4 sets
crunches x 4 sets
hanging knee raises x 4 x 15 reps

Day 4
cycle sprints x3
treadmill interval sprints x4
cross trainer backwards for 3 minutes
sit up x3
hyperextensions x3
side planks x 3
mountain climbers x3
leg raises x 3
russian twistsx3

All exercises are in the 15-25 reps range, the aim is to sweat a lot, lots of blood flow and high reps to really get the muscles being worked firm, pumped and burning