You have heard me talk about weights, paleo, being vegan, sprint work, martial arts, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding and boxing.  I have said to you readers timelessly that men must look and be fit and strong like a fighter and women readers that you must have the elegance, and grace of dancers and as I love publicising balance to you I have recently experienced a new area of study… Capoeira!


Capoeira is a mix of both fighting arts and the dance to rhythmical instruments. It involves you doing handstands and high kicks from the ground, moving in time to the music and doing acrobatic martial arts. It’s incredible and hugely recommended to keep your body strong, athletic and graceful and at the same time to keep your brain well alive and stimulating the nervous system rapidly firing your coordination and skills in learning to do new and dynamic movements of the body. Do this, see how it adds to your regime and your fitness, you will be surprised and of course add this with a structured weight training system which includes squats and deadlifts so that you have a strong trunk and core stabilisation. Capoeira will give you great fluidity of the spine and core as it involves so much circular, opening and twisting motions.