The problem with carbs is that when people want more energy or to get slimmer most people do not understand the nature of carbs or how to optimise our health best using them.

Fruits and vegetables are not really seen as carbs and so what happens is most people will eat 4 or 5 carbohydrate portions to one protein portion and so what happens is insulin levels rise. The other thing about carbs is that most people eat simple carbs or carbs that do not even suit them as individuals or in terms of energy levels or even mood

A simple way to be more effective at eating healthier is to plan carbs or meals or even put them on a fitness app

A good layout would look like this

Protein source

1. pea

2. chicken

3. salmon

Pick one


3 complex ones and ideally anti-inflammatory ones

1. sweet potato

2. lentils

3. beans


1. broccoli

2. asparagus

3. spinach

When we go to restaurants there is usually a starter a main course a drink and a dessert offered

When we look at this layout usually the choices will be an overload of carbs. Try the structure and strategy above

One thing to avoid is so called healthy snacks with great marketing like healthy snack labels fortified with vitamins or gluten free and sold on this basis yet at the same time will never ever be as good for you as sweet potato the best carb on the planet.

Quinoa (a carb) that has protein or beans.

Think about all this the next time you go out and do your weekly shopping or even go out to get yourself a healthy snack!