My theory is that cardio can build muscles and really good useful ones. Look at top cyclists, sprinters, marathoners and triathletes, they all have muscles and are shapely if invested and committed.

If you have achy shoulders a few things you can do that I do with clients that help are cycling to get your feet moving and spine rocking side to side with rounded shoulders and or retracted shoulders.  For this I’ll crank up the resistance to really get the glutes and quads working and the shoulders rocking.

The next thing you would do Is you would do hill walking to hill jogging and hill running and sprinting to really get the feet moving but also the shoulders and arms moving in powerful and varying strides.

And then you would do skipping as this gets your feet moving in different directions and with me I’d have you going forwards, backwards, rocking and also going sideways and in rotations. This gets the wrists moving which moves the scapula downwards.

Your different foot movements will help with your shoulders.

Then calf raises with heavy dumbbells to get the forearms strong and scapula strong and set down. Also weighted farmer walks work as long as you keep your head up high shoulders retracted.