We tend to see trainers and athletes who are runners or who are weight lifters so as someone who wants to be healthy, fit, strong and look good, we can easily get confused as theres so much out there. What do you pick? Cardio to look lean or the weights to look strong?

If you just do weights, yeah, you will look strong and firm but you may look too thick, a little round and tubby and not necessarily fit. If you just do cardio, even though you may lose weight, you may also lose muscle mass, you may look leaner but you may hold the skinny fat in areas you don’t want to and you may also look weak in areas you want to look fuller and feel stronger.

So what should you do? My belief is balance, you want the fluidity and lightness of movement or cardio, and you want the fullness, firmness and strength of the weights, and to me that is true visibility and internalisation of radiant health.

Part of the problem is constructing a schedule for this… If 4 x a week works for your body or your desire, do 2 weight lifting sessions with a trainer, and 2 cardio sessions, whether its thai boxing, running or dancing. This way you will feel more fluid, lighter and stronger!