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From yesterdays reflection

For women who are pregnant it’s useful for those of you who are to do bent over rows and facepulls using cables and dumbbells as well as work on the abduction machine and clams for the abductors. For men with spondylitis I’ve noticed a lot of the pain comes from

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Easy steps to a healthier and stronger shoulders

You like many others probably would like the formula to healthier, stronger shoulders and a well balanced body. Try this workout do 1 cycling for 5 minutes to allow the roundness of the shoulders 2 dumbbell prone rows with lightweights to warm up the scapula or the muscles at the

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Fix your shoulders by fixing your feet first

You can fix your shoulders by fixing your feet with me by some discoveries I've had with both male and female clients from doing activities like skipping which helps you with energy levels and foot activation and coordination to movement, speed rhythm and balance. What works is getting yourself to

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Come join me and be a pt

I'm actually looking for more personal trainers to come with me to do business with a new direction of new clients and a new way if thinking where you customise your workout for each person, person by person and not by set programs. If you find yourself as a pt

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