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Fat Loss

Blog habits of a healthy lifestyle

First of all!  Ho ho ho to you all ladies and gents! Wishing you a fabulous festive season,  and realizing we all have good habits and bad habits and, yet we all want health that feel good factor and to look fabulous, whether to see, feel, hear  that in our

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Why Sports, Dance and Martial Arts are a Must

If you are doing weight training to shape your body, that's fantastic; it's great for shape, hormones, health, muscularity, aesthetics and strength. However, most weight training comes from forward and back, and up and down, movement. In the fitness world, we call this the frontal plane. There are different planes

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The use of weight training for fat loss and muscle

So, a lot of my clients want fat loss! Which is where, for an athletic and lean body, intervals are absolutely essential. Calisthenics is also great for whole body workout and general shape, but sometimes movements from calisthenics can be too difficult and a massive jump from doing push ups

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Get Fit for Summer Time

Here's a killer workout that will help you shed the lbs in time for summer: Step 1.) A 45-minute run on a curved treadmill or outdoors if you don’t have any knee injuries. Step 2.) 3 sets of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and hanging leg raises in a circuit. Step 3.)

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Keep It Simple

The military hardly ever change their workouts. The structure has been regimental and timeless, so much so that even boxers use similar workouts. I was inspired by the martial arts at a very young age and my cousin was a champion Thai boxer in France. When I was 12, I

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How to Drop Body Fat Fast

I'm on my way to Brazil in a week’s time. I made the decision to drop body fat in three weeks, but can it be done? Absolutely. How? The key is diet. Intake less calories than you did before and eat high amounts of protein from beef, chicken and salmon.

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Your Fitness is Based on Your Food

The diet you follow and the foods you eat will predict how fit you are for the activities, exercise or lifestyles you adopt. I've weighed in from 60kg up to 85kg and been muscular, bulkier, slimmer and more athletic whilst pursuing different diets and different activities. It's taken me years

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Rules for Rapid Fat Loss in a Short Period

Rule 1. Consume proteins, fats and greens. No carbs and lots of water! Rule 2. Fat burning cycling 30 minutes daily. Rule 3. Firm muscles by doing 4 sets of 12 reps for upper and lower body parts; pull ups or lat pulldowns, depending on your ability to do whole body

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