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Fat Loss

70% Diet and 30% Training?

Are abs really made in the kitchen? It’s time to investigate the 70-30 statement in order to achieve your fitness goals. A lot of people seem to believe that if you stick to 70% diet and 30% training, only then will you achieve the dream body. And I have to

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How To Lose The Baby Weight: The Safe Way

The Safest ” How To Lose The Baby Weight ”, For Permanent Results After the life-changing 9 months, you have your precious child to hold! Of course, that period left you with a few extra pounds and that’s completely normal! Expert personal trainer and health coach Adam White will reveal

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Post Summer Holiday Workout – Core Detox

For  those of you who find yourself storing fat around your waist and stomach after indulging on a summer holiday abroad, here's a quick core detox workout I give to my clients to get them back in to shape quickly. Inchworms x 10 Push up plank 60 secs Side planks

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