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Here is my New Year’s Deal

The New Year is coming. To welcome 2023 I have decided to give transformation packages, with discounts to my block bookings. So, let's call them block bookings with a purpose. The purpose is slimming, strengthening, muscle-building, fitness and fat loss. You can decide exactly what it is you want to

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How to retain premium quality clients

My experience as a personal trainer for 20 years has shown me my superpowers as a personal trainer. This isn't to boast but to show new perspectives and ways to treat your clients if you are a pt. Or if you are a client or potential client and someone searching

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Reflections of training, coaching and conversations.

This week a few things that I noticed were that  doing exercises with isometric holds and supinated grips helped my clients, both men and women to really improve their postures and muscular contractions. A supinated grip means the palms are in an open position opening up the shoulders. The benefit

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Reflections of a personal trainer.

I’ve been looking at challenges and improvements I’ve had with my clients over the past two weeks. I wonder if any of you can relate to any of them. If you can I’m glad and I hope you benefit from one of them. Here are some ideas. If you have

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How to ease off back pain

If having poor posture causes back pain,  here are a few reasons why. Hunching forward for too many hours with your neck and shoulders for hours using the computer. Texting and leaning your head too downwards and forwards from your neck. Sitting for too many hours in a slouchy and

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How and why to squat.

Squatting is an essential movement.   It's essential for our posture. It's essential for healthy movement. It's essential for moving our hips properly and it has a lot of benefits physiologically, psychologically and physically. The how behind a squat is in the elevation of the breastbone and the shoulders being

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Appreciation for mental health

I was talking with clients and showed them my appreciation journals. I'm a big fan of them. Simply write the date and write things that you appreciate about yourself and and what you appreciate about others and in life. This may sound so basic but the thing I've noticed when

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Customise your eating habits for a better You.

There is a lot of talk on diets, and there are a lot of fitness apps.   Yet people still seem to struggle with eating in a way that gets them the results they want. Most recently I have succeeded with myself and with clients by tweaking peoples approaches to

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