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3 tips to staying healthy after age 50

Men and women aged over 50 can get as fit as younger guys and girls, however it takes more effort.  Eating right, regular exercise and health screens are essential. Do a yearly health screen which includes bloodworks. People in their 5os must reduce their alcohol to no more than 2

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The impact of covid 19 on the pt/fitness industry

Covid had us shutting gyms down and limiting numbers. There were months where we didn't have any use of the gym. At first, it was quite a shock. For obvious reasons, such as, change.  Facts, like we couldn't use the equipment we usually did for our workouts and for our

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Does exercise give us meaning and purpose?

Thinking it through, I have realised exercise gives us a sense of meaning and purpose.  Our feelings and our meanings need motion. Studies have shown middle aged and elderly men and women to have the most purpose when they are active for life. The findings  highlighted the relationship between physical

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Lifetime exercise reduces healthcare costs

Starting consistent exercise before or during middle age saves how much you spend on health care. Recent studies are showing that people exercising regularly before and in middle ages can help reduce health care costs.  The greater we workout as a lifestyle before and during the middle ages, the greater

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Advice on overcoming gym anxiety.

Advice on overcoming your gym anxiety Working out in public can be scary, in a gym we might feel like everyone's eyes are on us. We could feel like people are watching our every move and waiting for us to slip up. Gym surveys showed that 2 out of 5

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8 morning habits to be more confident.

How important is it to start your day with confidence? It can be hard to face challenging days -but negative emotions can be overcome by changing your actions, which will change your feelings. How do you view each morning? If the thought if getting out of bed is a struggle,

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5 Benefits to 1 on 1 Personal Training

Whether you are a beginner in the gym or you have been training for years. Getting a personal trainer can be worth its weight in Gold. The progress available in helping you reach your goals is outstanding, as there are many benefits that a professional provides. You may think personal

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