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Fitness, how does it affect your mood, mind and body?

Fitness releases chemicals like dopamine and serotonin so even though when you first workout it can feel awful and challenging during the workout after it, you will release tension from the body and be more energised and feel good about yourself! Exercise over no exercise is ultimately better even if

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Modifications and Warmups

A modification is an easier or more advanced version of an exercise. Modifications can be used in a workout routine or used in warm-ups. Using modifications can help individuals progress into more advanced exercises or give the muscle the right amount of intensity to warm up and prepare the individual

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Twist your spine to great health.

GREAT health starts from the spine and a lot of people do forward and backward motions of the spine whilst very little rotational work which is extremely important for having a healthy and dynamic back as well as being clear-headed and full of vitality.

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Training For The Long Term And For Longevity

To be fit and healthy for the long term and to do so enjoyably you will need experience regular progression and maintain your ability to be strong and mobile in using multiple disciplines of training. For long-term commitment to your health, you will need to recognise progress and celebrate your

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mobility for health….

mobility is essential as is confidence... confidence comes from feeling strong and being able to move with grace and lightness... all athletes have this ability because they are skills drilled day in and day out and so can your average person have this even if your into bodybuilding and having

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skipping is an essential to fitness…

skipping is fantastic for fitness... its great for fat burning, for shapely legs, for stimulating the lymph and bowels and in turn cleansing, eliminating and fat burning.. mentally its fantastic for the brain and the body as it takes a lot of coordination and will continue challenging your coordination. you

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