• We are all emotional being primarily. We think our decisions are based on intellect.

In fact they start from our emotions and our decisions.


How do we change our lives for the better?

1 We start with changing our beliefs. We change our thoughts and our beliefs. We change them by changing our thoughts repetitively and by changing the way we see things.

Internally we recite and rehearse our shape to be the way we want it to be. This change in our thought pattern can take 3 months to a year :

1 by taking actions in weighing yourself

2 going on high protein and a calorific deficit

3 a training programme structured with phases

4 logging our workouts and nutrition changes

5 use mental visualisations to change us physically and habitually.


2. Mental health – how we deal with stress. Ourselves and others. Predominantly this comes from relating to ourselves and others.

The way forward is self regulation. This means… keep your cool when others are different.

Warm yourself up with good feelings when others seem cold. This is a good way to keep yourself the manager of your own emotions. Not at the whims of others.

You change your temperatures. When you need to cool down, you cool down. Others may  try to deflate you  so you learn to warm yourself up. Warm yourself up with warm, positive and loving thoughts.

When you want to connect with others stay warm.

To be different to be confident we stimulate our bodies as well as our minds so that we are healthy – socially, physically and emotionally.

The way we talk to ourselves mentally is important to keep us improving and starting the unknown.

For example an exercise regime with a personal trainer. A good coach will get you to find your inner voice. Locate the negative one, then find the positive and successful one.

Once you have found your positive one you want to habitually use this inner voice to re affirm positive habits and self talk.

From a physical perspective we are looking to be flexible as this helps counter injury and long term health in our training journey.

However when training we want strength and stability during the workout. So balance here is essential.

Get a well structured 6 to 8 week programme whereby you challenge yourself with 10 exercise to stimulate maximum progress to sculpt your best shape.

The way to continue progress is to go from one phase of 6 to 8 weeks to another with the correct prescribed exercises picked by your shape and limb lengths and proportions.

Have the exercise that fits your body type without injury so that you can train for a long term successfully. That helps you look better and progress easily.