5 Golden Rules to combine Christmas and healthy living

And no, we don’t mean to do without. We’re talking about 5 golden opportunities to have both Christmas and healthy living this year!

Ready for the golden balance between fitness and big family dinners?


There is a way for you to maintain a decent shape and feeling good without too much damage.

1. Drink plenty of water.

You want to celebrate right? Who doesn’t want that, especially during the holiday season? And a great way of celebrating is a good glass of wine. Have a glass of water for every unit of alcohol you have, that way you will enjoy your drink responsibly!


2. Eat your turkey first

A calorie is not a calorie so go for the highest protein valued food you can. Eat that first, as protein is responsible for satiety. (a nice word to say that it makes you full quickly)! Turkey is low in calories and high in protein. Always eat your greens after your protein. Then eat your carbs lastly if you need them or want them. That way you can enjoy yourself but you fill yourself up with more beneficial macronutrients and calories first.


3. Get into great conversations and laugh as much as you can! Laughter is a miracle cure!

From a mental perspective, laughter will bring you a very cheerful mood. And that plays a big part in the holiday fun! Enjoy yourself, because food and drinks will always be food and drinks, but precious moments with people are one of the kind. But from a psychical perspective, laughter is the mini cardio! And cardio is our biggest supporter!

4. Grab some friends or family members for a little walk each hour or two.

Sitting down endlessly for hours or standing up for hours is bad for the body and will cause you will get ache and pain. Find your own balance between relaxing and having fun, so you will be able to take full control of the Christmas fun!


5. Try doing a minimum of exercise at home.

Grab a skipping rope or any other equally effective Christmas decoration! Do 3 mins or a 5-minute jog around the corner of your home. Maybe also do some push-ups, sit-ups, squats and back extensions, to stretch and feel better!  But most importantly. Have a wonderful time, see and experience all the things you are grateful for.
What made your year special, how much it changed you.


And then look forward to what is ahead. Imagine how your year ahead looks like. Your hope, your dreams and your goals.


Harvard University conducted research that shows that reflecting on gratitude and looking at what you look forward, helps you to have a positive mindset. And a positive mindset equals endless possibilities. Healthy body, a healthy mind, and the people we choose to have around us, make life a wonderful experience.


Enjoy your holiday and not to worry too much if you find yourself overdoing it a little bit. If you feel like you need extra help, contact me and I will be more than happy to help.


Merry Christmas!
Adam White