circuit training is awesome when you can do every single rep with every single movement and exercise with perfect execution

so to me circuit training is an advanced technique for people who are advanced in technique and understanding of their bodies, movement and musculature and intensity

circuit training is not great for beginners of for beginner classes, so i have some highly opinionated views on main chain gyms holding these classes, personally i think its unethical and very prone to cause unnecessary injury and potential demotivation for men and women who want to get fit

i don’t even think circuit training is good for advanced fit fans who are dealing with injuries

circuit training is good for elite athletes, personal trainers, and people who have had a coach or personal trainer training them for 3 months, and heres the awesome part once you are strong and proficient in techniques circuit training allows you to do a hell of a lot of work in a short space of time and get magnifecent results with the right challenges, weight allocated to your intensity and strength.

the way to get into circuits is to master the compound and isolated movements set by set and exercise by exercise
then you can superset two exercises and do one after the other in a superset formation

then you can do trisets, three exercises put together without any rest between them apart from changing the weight or station

then quadriceps, 4 sets of 4 exercises and eventually you can create a circuit of 8 exercises and do them in a rotation of 8 exercises

1 deadlift
2 back squat
3 snatch
4 clean and jerk
5 bent over row
6 one arm rows
7 bench press
8 dumbbell skullcrushers

rotate them from one exercise at a time with proficiency all the way up to a rotation of eight exercise one after the other for 4 rounds

if you want real athletics and fitness rolled into one there you have it