Coaching and personal training isn’t at least for me all about training the body, with me and my clients it’s about health and giving the client what they need and want.

Yes some people are emotionally absolutely fine and simply don’t need my help emotionally but do have physical concerns other people are more concerned emotionally and seek guidance this way.


Some ways that conversations help. And going back to what I was saying previously others require a mixture of the physical and the emotional.


Here’s a way coaching has helped me. I have my own life coach even though I’m certified myself to open up my perspectives, support me and challenge me to forward with my goals and also to go outside of my comfort zones.


I had 6 or 7 different disagreements with people, situations and also organisations and it affected me. I wasn’t as consistent with my training or with my meditations or my gratitude work I do multiple times and hours sometimes in a day.


So here are a few things that help me that I or someone else can help you with to consider, there is someone there to listen to you and give you tips outside of your mindset from their own experiences and the experiences of others.


There’s is also someone to keep you focused on your goals and doing things to get your towards your goals including rituals that help. There’s also the observation of another to notice what’s impacting you in delaying or slowing down your productivity. And lastly there’s someone to give you exercises to help you feel better about yourself personally. From gratitude drills to breathwork writing reading and rewriting goals as well as talking things through and doing inner healing and inner child work.