What I love about training is all the different styles and movements available. Training essentially is about movement and how each one works different energy systems differently for new movement patterns and shape.

Here are some of the training styles we like to adopt and combine at AWPTS

Sports Conditioning –  This is for the type of clients who’s into sports performance, sports events or into simply being athletic, and currently we have a team GB 200m sprinter from the last olympics who coaches. this style of training usually incorporates olympic lifts, compound movement, core drills and speed drills.

Martial Arts / Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defence – This is for the type of client that wants to improve confidence in themselves and in the street, perhaps due to feeling of anxiety or for the type that just loves striking and grappling as an enjoyment and a way to get fit.  Trainers will either have Dan grades, compete in martial art tournaments or mixed martial arts tournaments.

Holistic and Rehab – This is for clients who are injured and have watched too many insanity style fitness videos or used poor technique at Crossfit. These trainers take you from injury back to strength and go through a rehab and core style process, these types of trainers use a mix of styles and will add elements of pilates and yoga, as well as sports massage and remedial therapy.

Strength, Shape and Posture – This is my favourite and one I gel the most with, transforming body compisitions and getting clients stronger and improving their posture at the same time.

Fitness – These tend to be endurance based PTs that are runners or triathletes.

So there are so many styles of training, the journey is finding the one that feels right for you. If you’re interested in personal training feel free to call or contact us as we have a diverse team who can help you out and would love doing so.

Healthy regards,