I’m actually looking for more personal trainers to come with me to do business with a new direction of new clients and a new way if thinking where you customise your workout for each person, person by person and not by set programs.

If you find yourself as a pt and you know a pt please reach out to me so you can meet and join me with providing a private and customised experience for each client.


You may be new and looking to build clientele and experience and by meeting we can decide together if you are a good fit for me here to do body and mind work to help others get the best from their fitness journey and also when you want to grow and rise your business this is a great opportunity and a great opening for a building area as you’ll be discovering the sw1 area and awesome clientele. Pt can be and to me very fulfilling as you can drive the best and squeeze the best out of others.


If you already find you have a great business yet its not in your own location and you have to deal with a commercial vibe which isn’t up to calber for private clientele then you must come and do it here.