In this video, Adam explains some common causes of neck pain and what you can do about it.

Here’s my take on neck pain and commons causes that lead to it:

– Rounded shoulders
– Hunching
– Not sitting or standing up straight with an engaged core e.g. holding the stomach in and breathing diaphragmatically

Letting the neck stay too far forward for extended periods of time e.g. leaning into mobile screens laptops and diaries and not drawing the chin in and up or holding the neck in.

I guess I’m saying don’t hold a turtleneck of you want to avoid back pain.

Not enough mobility after doing big back lifts e.g. not mobilising the neck side to side and ear to neck each side.

Handbags and bags held on one side of the body aggravating the shoulder and then in turn the neck.

There’s also the whole overtraining the chest theme because of your pec minor is too tight it tends to affect the locator scapular and weakens it and lastly not enough neck stretching and strengthening such as standing against a wall or lying flat on the floor and drawing the chin backwards and upwards.