All our lives we have either wanted to have confidence or to regain it when it’s lost.  The word confidence extends to any subject, it could be confidence socially, body image, self confidence, confidence in relationships, confidence in finances, career and much more down to the granular subject that you would love to be confident in.

How do you become confident?

1) By working on it every single day until you make a lot of mistakes and successes so that you learn a massive amount of what confidence, looks, feels and sounds like.

2) By journalling, and writing and pondering and observing who you are, what your style is and what works for you.

The thing that’s great about this thing called confidence is that it can be attained rationally by doing the two steps above, action daily and daily reflection. It can then be applied to anything from your diet, to your obsessions, to your ticks, to getting stronger and seeing what methods get you there quicker.

I assure you, training and coaching are the way forward, as confidence is influenced by your physiology and your physicality. The two ways to confidence physically are either trimming or building up depending on your preference and improving your posture so you can breathe deeper and in less of an anxious panicked state.

Confidence is something you practice,  it is not a gift you’re born with you earn it.