I live by the diary, I’m definitely a scheduler, and scheduling gives you power to liberate yourself to go for the things that you value most in life, its health and fitness is high in your value, the way you feel about the way you look as well as the way you feel about the way you feel… then just getting stressed and allowing whatever turns up to happen may not be the way forward for a healthier you for the new year.

i can be really busy, i can see a ridiculous amount of clients each week, even each day, i have to lead my team, get my brand and my team promoted, run the studio and the people in, see my family and my friends and workout. now if i didn’t schedule this or stick to a schedule i would personally find life quite meaningless because rather than going from one value or action thats purposeful to me to another, i would simply go with the flow and go with whatever comes my way, I’m not saying don’t go with the flow theres a time and a place for that too, predominantly however i like the idea of a master plan, a decision, week by week, month by month and year by year that covers all of your goals and your grand vision and mission in life whatever that may be.

i want to be the greatest coach that ever existed and i want the most incredible team possible to be right here with me in sw1 training people to healthier and happier version of themselves. this is all scheduled, and if it weren’t theres no way any of us would get to where we want to go.

so every week, i know what I’m eating, what style of training I’m doing, how many times I’m training, who I’m training with and where I’m training as I’ve made the calls a week or a month earlier and its all down on paper.

if you want to get fit, fit in that dream dress of yours, look great in a suit, come over from westminster or victoria and schedule in some training sessions with myself or with my awesome team.