Life today can be a hectic experience with too much to do and not enough time to do everything in. Whether it’s meeting friends, family, attending to business which sometimes has us feeling trapped and like we don’t have enough ME time. One thing you absolutely must do is get in the habit of loving yourself for 10 minutes a day at least once a day.

Health comes from taking time out from your usual routine and from relaxing so if you can take 10 minutes a day out to close your eyes and breathe, or take a nap or dance to your favourite music and be goofy or call a friend who can really pick up your mood and make you just simply laugh out loud, then you will be amazed at how much clarity and being your self will be for your health. Space, laughter, relaxation, rest, gratitude and joy are all states of mind that will improve your health in both your body and your mind.

When you stress out you are literally causing yourself to increase acidity in your body which can cause you gain weight or lose weigh as it also, stress releases cortisol in your body which in turn turns into a fight or flight response.

The best time to take your 10 minutes for yourself would be first thing in the morning as it will set your day up for the rest of the day. If you’re able to an additional 10 minutes in the evening this will help to set you up for a good night sleep. If you really have time on your side do an extra 10 minutes in the afternoon to keep that feel good fact and that serotonin and that inner voice elevated so that you can have a healthy and happy presence in life.