Cross training isn’t just about mixing energy systems like cross fit but it’s about being able to do many disciplines and learn new arts, skills or sports, and be good at picking up movement, speed and power easily.

For me, cross training could involve going for a short run, doing some yoga in the park and doing some muscle building work – not to build muscle like a bodybuilder but to activate muscles and look and feel good. On another day I could do tai chi chuan, that boxing and boxing, and on another day I might do muscle works for the arms and then some power training, Olympic lifts or sports conditioning. Varying your workout week means a week full of fun and intense workouts calculated to have a great effect on your health, longevity, strength, shape and flexibility. Working out should be something that makes your spirit feel good and fills you with loads of spirit to carry on to the other adventures of your day, whether they be for the love of your work or the love of your family.

Training has to be fun, it has to be purposeful, and it has to be meaningful. It has to have intensity and effort and it has to have the intelligence of thought, purpose and mental preparation. Otherwise, what’s the point?

If you’re on the treadmill or elliptical reading a newspaper, watching a movie or looking at your phone, you definitely don’t get what I’m saying and I guarantee your workouts are wasteful because you aren’t present whilst doing something. A good work out should mentally engage you too.

Training can fulfil so much in life but unless you learn to love it, you will lose the game of health. Like any other discipline, it requires effort, planning, passion, thought and purpose. I hope this helps and you find activities and training in a way that inspires you and revolutionises your life. If you need help in finding how exercise can become a positive part of your life, come to my studio as I have searched and found great trainers from unique and different backgrounds. Every one of my trainers specialises in something different which compliments the others because I don’t want my trainers to compete with each other but to embrace their own style, niche and specialty.