There is a lot of talk on diets, and there are a lot of fitness apps.


Yet people still seem to struggle with eating in a way that gets them the results they want. Most recently I have succeeded with myself and with clients by tweaking peoples approaches to eating and drinking.

Drastic changes may be intense for some people, other people find it too intense. The best results I have seen with myself and clients is awareness of vices and reducing them. Again eliminating could be too drastic.

I have had several clients who didn’t quite realise how many calories alcohol contains and also who didn’t realise how badly it could affect exercise performance and results due to its hormonal impact on us.

Did I tell them to quit drinking? Absolutely not because now you may be the trainer ruining someone’s lifestyle and social life by demanding that.


Did I suggest awareness and logging and sending pics on WhatsApp or recording on my fitness pal. Absolutely. Its worked.

Or even for another clients counting units. That also worked. Really the key is awareness of potential damage of certain foods and drinks.


Step 2 would be reducing or minimising or for some avoidance at times.

Another vice could be burgers. Perhaps you eat burgers with bread and then you reduce the bread to having a patty..

Sometimes simply changing the add on or amounts of burgers and alcohol can help by simply reducing calories of something you have regularly or reducing frequency of its consumption or even simply going for a healthier alternative and changing what you have from something bad to something less bad.

Journalling, awareness and logging when it comes to eating works as you can record your weight or energy levels or shape and see if they have improved due to changes.


Personally I’m a big fan of journalling in some form and manner because it does work.