If you have a dessicated spine and think you can’t train anymore you may be wrong. You may think you need surgery and may not. You may be frustrated and think you can’t do any exercise anymore.

I’ve seen people who needed hip and shoulder and knee and spinal surgery who didn’t need it.

This clearly isn’t all cases and I’ve also noticed a lot of people who have undergone surgery have been frustrated with them. When I competed in karate I had three fractures in my nose from 3 different angles. 1st I was prescribed nasal steroids which didn’t work for me. Then I was operated on. Personally I think this was a mistake. My breathing got worse due to doing it. In fact rain and meditation help my breathing more than anything as do extreme heat and extreme coldness.

If you have a dessicated spine even at a young age in your 30s under or over. You can still build muscles and a strong core and you can manage your spines.

My client who’s in his 30s has taught me that you can get hugely strong and muscular and work your core hard and manage your spine but that doesn’t mean at the same time that there are any solutions.

He works in finance and is paid very well and doesn’t have crazy hours and he doesn’t heal.like a lot of others from walking as their is dessication so as he stands and his hop moves pain can get triggered from walking which I would reccomend to others who simply get spinal.pain form being sedentary and inactive.

He’s 6 foot 2 and always uses the bike to loosen his spine. Today we did barbell curls which is a great bicep exercise for people 6 foot 2 and over due to limb lengths. This is prior to dumbbell curls. When you do these two exercises together the Biceps go crazy and super firm and pumped by the end of the curls.

For the abs and core we do planks and Medicine ball twists and then use single arm tricep extensions on the cable on each side take a long rest and use tricep rope press downs.

By the end of the session he’s got a great pump feels great and stays healthy despite having a dessicated spine. Invest and train with me. If money and scheduling time for you isn’t an issue you will have a wonderful return and spend time and.money that is well worth your while.what happens to your body after a workout