We get health by making consistent choices everyday to look after what we put inside our bodies, and what we do with our bodies. Our bodies have far more intelligence than most of us our actually aware of and the body is our temple literally in that when we sort out our bodies our minds and our emotions and psychology end up being in a much better place.

when I say a healthy body I do mean healthy and I do not mean you have to be ripped, ridiculously strong and massively muscular and what I do mean is that your diet is healthy and consistent, you have good energy levels and you in are in your perfect shape which matches your body which will be the best you can be.

Eating well, training well and cleansing your body with some yoga and meditation is key to having a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life from an internal perspective, and from an external one we are leading a good example and can be an inspiration to clients, loved ones and friends.

For me self love comes from really disciplining yourself to do things that will do good for you, your life and loved ones.

Discipline shows that when things are rough you stick to the plan, and yes you have a plan and you succeed and feel good from achieving it, whether it’s a diet, showing up to your personal training session, going to that class you said you would go too and making an effort generally with life flowing well.