Do you train for real strength?

I call it real strength and I’ll be honest half thr time I didnt even quite know what I meant exactly by this term myself.

Toe real strength is actual proven strength that you have available to you on any given day with perfect technique.

I see members of my gym working out, not my clients. They train with poor form and get unnecessary injuries due to something I call ego lifting. I help them more and more If and when I’m free as I like watching people get stronger and I can’t watch people hurt themselves I just can’t handle the idea of someone hurting themselves around me. If I can help I will.

I see people doing pressing motions of the chest and shoulders where their wrists are weak or shoulders are weakly and or incorrectly positioned.

My client today today did 20 minutes on the bike with high resistance. After that I gave him a pull up with perfect form to do which he’s been able to do from 0 to 2 pullups within 2 weeks of us practicing them together in our sessions together. We train 4 to 6 times a week depending on his schedule.

After doing his pull ups he gets neck pain due to the trapezius muscles being large and overcoming and attacking the tiny neck muscles.

So I have him doing 2 minute hip thrust holds to strenghten his glutes and legs and improve his posture while at the same time he has a flat neck position. Wnat this does is engage and strengthen large muscles like the glutes which are the largest muscles while lengthening the neck out.

The other thing we do is back extensions with a long neck to help him strenghten his spine and arms without straining his neck or shoulders.

So to me real stremght is about building your body strong and in a way that supports your body to its strongest and most balanced way where you feel great and strong and in balance.