So today I was talking to an Instagram famous lady who has trained with five personal trainers and has taken out two gym memberships, but hasn’t been impressed by one trainer yet…

I find this interesting because I wanted to find out why and what’s going on. What is wrong with my industry that could be improved? As I want trainers to be great and the world to generally be a healthier place.

The first thing I discovered is that she wants to look like a fitness model. Yet, she has never had skin fold callipers to measure her body fat, she has never had her measurements even from a tape measure taken and she’s never had before or after shots of her physique.

For her fitness aspirations, this is what she needs from a personal trainer. Yet, it hasn’t been done. Perhaps what is wrong is that PTs don’t know how to do measurements; either because they can’t be bothered or don’t know how to communicate effectively with their clients the necessity.

So, as trainers lets reverse it. If there is knowledge and good communication this can easily be rectified.

The second problem is food. My client has never been given a food diary, nutritional guidelines or even an ability to tell or communicate with her trainer what she is eating. This is a major problem in itself. If there is no log, no feedback and no regime, then it is not actually possible to tweak her nutrition in order to get her the best results.

Again, I feel this is a lack of communication, knowledge or programmes.

Thirdly, it is likely that a template used to prepare both exercises and layout of each week has not been executed. Structure is imperative, as it helps people to stay motivated and provides a routine.

My fourth and final point is that I believe every trainer not only has to make sure that they ask that their client is committed, but also that their client will take responsibility and accountability for their own results.

“The trainer and the client are a team: the trainer has the skills and the knowledge, whilst the client must have the discipline.”

I believe when communication is effective and a commitment to holding disciplines is decided on from the client, personal training can and will work. However, if the communication, connection and vision is not aligned, it’s simply not going to work. But I also believe that is important to never give up; find a good team or individual that will help you on your fitness journey to get the results and quality of life that you desire.