So you want shape and yet you haven’t found it yet? You’ve tried loads of barbell moves, cardio and fitness classes…

A lot of us play with a lot of theories but no solid science and self experimentation.

I’ve trained for years now and like you have had many confusing moments as to what works and what doesn’t, and to be truthful to get fit and in shape it takes years of commitment, hard work and eating with discipline. The good news, once you get there its easy to maintain. The bad news like everything else, if you want it, you have to want it bad enough that you will do enough work to get the result no matter what.

The solution is dumbbells. If you want to really feel each muscle, work each limb individually and really feel the most incredible contractions of a lifetime, hit the dumbbells and hit them with a single limb exercise and a double limb exercise.

The other day I trained with Babs another one of my trainers and my butt is absolutely killing two days after training which is really rare for me as I train so frequently and have done for so many years. Let me save you time if you want shape for your butt, do dumbbell squats and do dumbbell lunges.

  • For the chest do dumbbell incline press and dumbbell decline press
  • For the back do dumbbell prone rows and dumbbell one arm rows
  • For the shoulders do alternating dumbbell presses and lateral raises
  • For the triceps do decline dumbbell skull crushers with one arm seated tricep extensions
  • For the biceps do standing alternating curls and seated hammer curls

Get the technique right and the shape will follow.