So here’s another exercise that’s great for the posture, as well. We’re going to get the scapular pinch backed against the bench again. So that’s your shoulder blades squeezing back against the bench. We’re going to have a long arm so you’re lengthening the tricep. You’re going to get a shortening of it and a lengthening, so what you’re doing is lengthening and strengthening the tricep, which if you want to bulk and build muscle in that area, working on the tricep will give a thicker arm. If you’re a lady that wants to shape up the arm and get that firm, you can do high rep ranges with not so many exercises directed to the tricep.

I always like to do it on a slight decline so you get more of an angle. You’re going to do a slow release on the way down; shoulder blades back. Keep the tension in the muscle, so stretch, squeeze out in the straight arm so you get a full workout of the tricep, lengthening of it, and slow release down so you don’t bang your head and breathing out as you come up. If you’re trying to build muscle go for the 8 to 12 range. If you’re trying to firm or tone 12 to 20. Breathing out on the way up and squeezing the tricep at the end so you really get blood into that area.   Fast on the way up, slow on the way down. Pause, fast up, slow on the way down.

Give that a go. Another great exercise to improve your posture and firm up the arms. If you want to do some personal training sessions, checkout and I can personally help you out with that.