You like many others probably would like the formula to healthier, stronger shoulders and a well balanced body.

Try this workout do 1 cycling for 5 minutes to allow the roundness of the shoulders

2 dumbbell prone rows with lightweights to warm up the scapula or the muscles at the upper back and back of the shoulders.

3 pushing your palms into the floor and raising your body in a straight line slightly above the floor and then raising your leg up and off of the floor and holding and squeezing the muscles for a few seconds and then changing legs.

4 side planks which get your to work your core and obliques using your shoulder stabilisers

5 doing what I call a catpaw inspired by one of those cat toys I saw in Thailand.  So you lie on your back taking a light dumbbell and place the dumbell on the floor above the shoulder keeping the elbow on the floor. Then raise the dumbell in a circular motion keeping your elbow on the floor until the dumbbell touches the floor below the shoulder height again touching the floor and then repeat this for a set of 8 to 12 reps.


Do exercises 2 to 5 for 3 to 5 rounds.  On another workout day you can work the incline chest press as well as shoulder presses and rows to hit the shoulders directly.

The above work out is to get your shoulder stabilisers strong so that you can train your shoulders directly and properly without poor issues.