Discover your body by looking and feeling for what works for you. To me, the body, mind and spirit merge as one and what you do to one part impacts the others.

For example, if I perform movements to open and strengthen my posture this will open and strengthen my mind and help to release tension and emotion that may have been stored from an upsetting or emotional situation. Moving your body counter-intuitively away from common movement patterns gives you new problems to solve and can help to bring old connections back online.

Essential movements like squats and deadlifts are the foundations for building strength but including balance drills like handstands and leg balances or pistol squats can allow you to work on multiple components and capabilities during the workout thus helping you to unleash your inner warrior.

Rather than just working on individual body parts, we can work on all aspects of our bodies ability to perform. One workout could be geared towards increasing speed, you may find yourself working on hand speed with a boxing partner or trainer getting you to strike rapidly while moving your feet purposefully.

Coordination is another component a workout could focus on, this could involve bouncing, striking, throwing and catching medicine or tennis balls.

Yet another component a workout could be geared towards are transitions, moving between positions dynamically. Something like capoeira or animal flow routines which work the core and the whole body can be a fun way to do this.

If you look at components of your workout as a playful toolkit you can create incredible 3D workouts rather than flat 2D routines. You’ll perform well physically, mentally and spiritually.

So go on, play around but play around hard, challenge yourself and get the most out of the incredible body you have.