You’re probably thinking, as an owner of a gym with a team of trainers and being a trainer myself that I have simply lost it!. With all the courses I’ve been taking and training I’ve been working on I’m going to say to you I’ve truly found it!


From hypnosis, to NLP to coaching to boxing to capoeira, meditation, gymnastics, movement, yoga  and weight lifting… My realisation is ultimately what we all want and what I have in common with all of you is that we want to eliminate pain from our body so that we can be our most powerful, our most strong and our most energetic in both the body and mind and with these tools we are ruthless, confident and full of joy in our wellness and in our outlook.

An open mind and a strong body is what gives you the tools to feel productive, successful, vibrant and healthy in your body and mind. You cannot be depressed or down when you eliminate pain from your body, from you posture and from your outlook and meaning and then comes the healing where you look forward to your physicality and your vibrancy in your training, in your desires and in your outlook.

Join the experience, come and see for your self from myself and from my team the vibe and knowledge and training regimes we have to offer. What we our offering is to tailor your training and your programme to your lifestyle inside and outside of AWPTS. See you soon and looking forward to it.