Can you go to the gym whilst pregnant?

There has always been this scare about pregnant women going to the gym. Anything that can put your child’s well-being at possible remote risk, it’s a definite no. However, it is time to put an end to that myth that wants women to be sceptical about exercise during pregnancy.

Going to the gym while pregnant is absolutely safe and in fact, encouraged.

But of course in the correct way and also correct for each phase.
Training during pregnancy has a few factors to consider.
That way exercise will help you have a more comfortable journey during your pregnancy, with fewer sore days, so you will be able to enjoy more this momentary period of your life.

About nutrition

While exercise during pregnancy is encouraged, let’s not forget a big, basic factor. Healthy nutrition. Maintaining health on every level is essential so what I do with a pregnant client is to have her inform me of everything she eats.

That way, I can advise her on the best possible solution when it comes to nutrition because the most important factor is to know what to eat.

This is crucial because that way you can ward off problems like diabetes and high blood pressure which can play a negative role during pregnancy.

In terms of exercises

  •  Light cycling is good to get the blood flowing and to loosen up the back
  • Squats with or without weights.

Without weights, what I usually do is get clients to pull their arms slightly behind them so their chest muscles stretch and their postural muscles at the back of the shoulders retract.

  • Squats

Squats focus on the lower back, being super engaged to improve the strength of the lower back and also use really slow reps on the way down for maximum effectiveness.

 A very important exercise during pregnancy is sets of single-leg balancing exercises and single leg and arm balancing movements.

The glutes are also super important for posture and holding yourself upright, so abductors machines and variations of the bridge are great exercises. In addition, cats and cows and many legs raise motions in these positions.
The glutes stress the body a lot so releasing glute tightness is essential.
Movements in yoga-like the pigeon are very beneficial. Great stretches in the spine glutes and chest are another essential part of my stretch routine.

Do keep your body healthy when pregnant as it will make you stronger mentally and physically for your pregnancy and you will recover and get into greater shape after giving birth.

If you need any help please do contact me for your individual and specific workout programme, it would be my honour to accompany you on the most important journey of your life.


Happy training!
Adam White