A lot of people do exercise for many surface reasons such as getting a six-pack, looking muscular or looking lean, or simply being strong. One reason I love training people is to give them a strong spine and a strong mind, so they are synchronistic and the reason I focus on these is the benefit that they have on people from all walks of life, from CEOs to mothers to athletes.

That’s why to me, the best exercises have to be compound, and they have to engage the spine. So from weight lifting, you have the snatch and the clean and jerk, variations of the deadlift and the back squat.

To strengthen and lengthen the spine sideways good movements are the side plank being held or a moving side plank. For twisting the spine yoga and boxing movements are very good for spinal rotation.

So for a lady who lives in London and wants to go on a fat-loss program, or at least this is what she says she wants, I would have her doing deadlifts and back sqauts with boxing and side planks and cycle sprints.

Now to my movement and self-belief come hand in hand, but the movement has to lift the sternum up or chest up in a way that the diaphragm opens up to let her breathe deeply and diaphragmatically and here’s where we can improve self-belief, as the breathing is deepening.

Anxiety, stress and depression come from shallow breathing, poor posture and the inability to stand tall. So, stand tall everyone and if you need a hand feel free to reach out.