So what makes the difference between someone who looks younger and older from a distance What’s the difference between someone who looks confident and someone who looks insecure?


What can revolutionise your health and your breathing patterns?

Again posture!

When you walk into a room posture gives you that wow factor

I used to believe that posture was simply by tooling your shoulders back when I was 10 years old…

Then when I started doing Olympic lifting I believed it was about how strong you developed your back and so for me, I believed you would skill your spine into a posture through proper deadlifts

Then years later I met a famous chiropractor and discover another massive foundational aspect was that all issues of the mechanics of the body start from the feet

And that in fact if you wanted good posture you would want address foot movement patterns and skills and exercises

And so I discovered good posture was addressed by doing one leg foot balanced with your eyes opened and then closed

 As closed eyes would require you to feel your feet to balance and  not the visual cues of your eyes

Another exercise I came up with was what I call birdies

Which is basically a single leg deadlift but with your arms spread out wide in a t shape so you look like a big bird balanced on one leg the other leg kicked back your torso parallel to the floor and your arms out in a t shape

Then another way to improving posture is the lockout and extensions and lengthening the arms and the fingertips so another exercise I like is a quad stretch standing up and the other arm is extended up to the sky in a straight line and slightly behind your ear and then going up and down your toes like a calf pump then the movement of your feet allows you to balance each time

Finally, a really effective exercise shoulder presses using your arms overhead and doing a 100 reps so you are lengthening your arms above the head and pulling them down and back on the way down almost like you are doing a standing lat pulldown

For best results do 4 or 5 sets of each exercise.

I would actually probably include back squats and lunges done properly with an upright back including the lower back and properly engaged glutes which I rarely see mechanically.

I hope that there were some useful tips you could incorporate into your daily exercise routine.