In the ”battle” for fat loss vs weight loss, fat loss is the clear winner. Because fat loss is a lifestyle, weight loss is temporary.

There’s a point where if you keep losing weight you become less healthy, too skinny, or even burn into the muscle, and the emphasis and focus stop being on vibrancy, firmness, muscle tone, and health.

Fat loss, however, is a lifestyle of knowing you want to stay young, vibrant, healthy, strong, energetic, firm, and fit.

That requires a lifestyle. A lifestyle of eating to burn body fat and keep muscles. Usually, the most effective diets are ones based on sports, science, and paleo.

There are also very researched and meticulously smart approaches to being vegan that work!

Fat loss, as opposed to weight loss, requires exercise depending on your metabolism of effective 45-minute workouts 3-4 times a week depending on mental focus, physical discipline, and focused intensity in the workout.

Another massively important factor is rest, relaxation, and recovery. Leading to a lifestyle of having regular osteopathic or remedial massage therapy.

The odd sauna and yoga session. Regular meditations of unwinding through meditation or to music to counter stress, the biggest enemy to fat burning and then sleep.

A lot of people try method one, exercise in a stressed state. And so, the results are having a frustrating, stressful experience, probably without the desired results.

Leave the diet part out. Then there are those a step above that the do the diet and the exercise and look good but aren’t quite healthy in mind or body.

That’s because relaxation, sleep, meditation, or handling stress are not a part of their daily zen.

So, the ideal goal is to have all three; exercise, diet, and relaxation which will leave a well-rounded fulfillment, joy, and sense of achievement whilst looking and feeling great burning fat, and maintaining or growing lean strong muscles.

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