sometimes it’s about less is more when it comes to training. My client one of them has a dessicated spine and training even moving can be painful for him.


He likes to test his limits and plays tennis with his girlfriend and I have to pick up the pieces and train him muscularly without aggravating his spine.

The amount of exercise we can do can be very limited and today we had a case of doing the stationary bike with the incline dumbbell press with long rests between each set so we started with a set of 10 and then went down to 6 and 4 by raising the weight up and giving him 2 and 3 minute rests between sets for strength.

We had the abduction machine where he would abduct the machine as wide as possible just to hold the legs out as wide as possible and hold it there for a 2 second count.

The third exercise we did is very slow 10 second push ups where you lower for 3 seconds hold your chest slightly off of the floor for 2 seconds and slowly push up for a 3 second count and hold at the top range for 2 seconds again. This was a great pump and he built muscles without harming his back. Sometimes less is more.