Inflammation is a great subject on what I consider to be two subjects:


1) Inflammation you see caused by the foods we eat.

2) inflammation caused by impact or poor training or an accident.

Good health can be demonstrated internally and externally as in how we feel and how we look. Taking steps to heal ourselves and improve our health is about what we say to ourselves and the actions we decide to take followed by discipline.

For example, if we focus enough on eating foods that do not cause inflammation because we want to have a nice shape, be strong or avoid having a puffy face or bloated stomach then we need to be vigilant about what we eat.

The main allergens that increase inflammation and should be avoided or minimised are:

1) Sugar

2) Dairy

3) Alcohol

4) Gluten

5) Sweeteners

Another cause of inflammation would be joints and ligaments where swelling occurs around this and this may be unavoidably caused by collisions, intense sports contact and simply a lack of physical awareness of how to mobilise joints, ligaments and muscles appropriately or how to warm up blood into the muscles, joints and ligaments.

To fight inflammation from an external perspective, massage, mobility, warming up well, appropriate rehab and proper mobility of the body for performance and from a food perspective things like consuming anti-oestrogenic foods, like cruciferous vegetables, having an alkaline diet with lots of water and also having supplements and foods high in omega 3.