Some of you are not sure what to do when you walk in a gym, you walk in do a little bench press, some sit ups and hot the treadmill, get a sweat on and theres your workout done, and great, well done to you for making the effort. You will feel better, look better and can feel proud of actually putting in the work and caring for your body. The only thing I will say is that you can get even better results, health, quality of life, strength and balance by improving the way you MOVE.

You may feel stiff at the moment, perhaps weak, but the way forward to strength is working on movement every day even if it’s a little each day. We want to put walking, running, squatting, push ups, foot balances, lunges, back extensions and the two splits stretches into the equation, so that you can be fit, strong, and dynamic. Putting time into these movements everyday is going to show you where you are weak and where you are strong, where you are flexible and where you are tight and help to improve these imbalances.

When you do each of these movements make sure someone films you, or get photos of your movements so that you can see where you can improve it, and week by week you will move better, with more strength, stamina and precision.

If you want an analysis on these movements from me or a member of my time, we would be happy to help and show you how to improve your structure, otherwise find an expert who can help you do these correctly as they are lifelong skills.