You can fix your shoulders by fixing your feet with me by some discoveries I’ve had with both male and female clients from doing activities like skipping which helps you with energy levels and foot activation and coordination to movement, speed rhythm and balance.

What works is getting yourself to move forwards, backwards and sideways on one as well as two legs from the heels with the toes lifted to activate the glutes more.

Stepping will help you when you direct both feet with your shoes off on the stepper with both feet both pointing in exactly the same direction as each other which will be parallel.

I’ve seen this work with my client after she did this for 10 minutes so come and become a superhero or heroine by raising the arch of your foot and pressing the heel of your foot in the stepper platform as well as the big toe. Don’t hold on to anything so that you use your core to balance without support. After 10 minutes her shoulders and chest were lifting by helping with the favour. Do a favour with me to yourself and do this for 10 minutes without holding on to anything and see how much better your shoulders are.

Also for better shoulders after doing the appropriate row movements and developing the strength to develop the thickness of the back and lat muscles you can unhunch your shoulders and from there start working on the locking out of the arms by doing shoulder presses with a full arm lockout.

.try these out and if your not getting the results you want come and see me after scheduling some sessions and I’ll show you in person how to successfully do this.