i change my ideas about how to train almost everyday

because theres so so much out there

what remains is my desire for health and longevity personally and to share it with others

i trained with two of my trainers the other day, one of them teaches pilates on the reformers in our studio and loves weights and running, his name is Babs if you ever meet him, hopefully you do, anyway he absolutely destroyed my legs and glutes, and the method to his madness was to superset the same muscle group with heavy weights and high reps… i haven’t been able to walk normally for days and I’ve been eating to recover, and even did daily yoga to loosen up, its still killing, so I’ve decided to try a more focal philosophy for training rather than the general whole body one, i noticed you can really get inside that muscle and have it screaming

we did heavy squats supersetted with box jumps
we did walking lunges supersetted with jumping lunges
we did sumo squats with leg extensions and leg curls and then some core, my legs were burning, screaming, pumping, firming and very much alive and really thats what training well is all about

its about being alive, present, strong and focused, engaged if you will

the next day i trained with Reco and he’s a fighter, he teaches, krav maga, boxing, thai boxing, ju jitsu and weight training, we did biceps and forearms for an hour!!!!

that is some crazy training and again very focal, so this month I’m so inspired by this style of training that outside of yoga I’m going to pick a body part and work on it for an hour, and then change, change and focus, change and focus