The Rocks favourite word whenever he’s working out and seen on you tube or instagram. I was talking to a fitness model who is currently competing and the idea I am giving off here is that you can really focus on a body part and do the extra homework or gym work. Even the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger would focus on his weak points, for him he felt his calves were his weakest point and so he would go to the gym and tear off the bottom of his tracksuit bottoms so that he could reveal his weak point which would motivate him to work harder and achieve his goal.

To me the focused workout is the one where you look at your weak points and work them out so they become strengths. The other thing is that your weak points may change throughout your life depending on your lifestyle, whether your an athlete, getting into sports, becoming parents or  reaching your golden years. 21 year old and younger have a much greater tolerance to toxicity in the body in comparison to a 50 year old, what this means is a 21 year old can make a lot more mistakes, having said that the 50 year old may be wiser, way more experience, expert at their own body and conditioned powerfully over the years.

I started off as a competitive martial arts, so my abs were ridiculous in those days, I THEN became a personal trainer and muscle size and bulk generally became my focus, then i worked on cruise ships and had to be a pt and teach classes, like spin, yoga, pilates and lol even aerobics, so i needed a general all round fitness, I THEN MASTERED and competed at club to club level in olympic lifting, my legs got much bigger, then i decided my abs were too soft, so i got back into bodybuilding diets and workouts to get crazy abs, then i decided they were too much maintenance and i wanted to be stronger, so i then picked a middle road of having abs, and muscles and funtionality, i decided i wanted to be a middle man, not too ripped, not too muscular, a bit of both and strong,


my point is there are so many focuses and they will change your shape and health as you know it, but find out what your lifestyle and health goals are and work on them, write them down on paper so they are clear and review them every 2 weeks, if they ever change you have permission to change them and change your mind, but once you focus on a new target go for it, with everything you’ve got your, heart, body and mind.


Right now i like being healthy, and to me thats simply checking that i have good posture, that I’m strong, and all the muscles i have are where i want them to be and in the best condition i can get them in today, I’ve been told my shoulders aren’t as impressive as the rest of me nor is my upper back so guess what I’m focusing on. olympic lifts, power lifts, rows, and pull ups and military presses.


ps have fun with your journey and i hope me or my team get to help out one day.