I have been training several women this week and looking closely at how success’s and setbacks have occured. Body shape or booty shape in the case of this article does get affected by diet.

The biggest enemies from peoples glories and victories lies and ties closely to eating too much sugar in the form of sweets, chocolate, candy and even sugar filled yummy cocktails.

A celebration here or there is fun but weekly is going to cause havoc on long term habits and desired results. After all you want to build your booty not fat around them but at the same time to have significant muscle growth, shape, recovery and performance you have to feed the body powerfully.

So i will go through the types of foods to get the types of results you want.

Lets start with vegan foods reccomended. Beans are high in fiber and in protein and when mixed with Quinoa make a perfext blend of amino acids, protein and carbohydrates to fuel your workouts and your gains. Add some cucumber on the side for a nice fresh, cleansing and alkaline effect and your body is happy. Add some spinach in there and you have a healthy release of protein and testosterone to give you that vigor and enthusiam to your workouts and your recovery.

For fat you also have almomd butter or peanut butter with berries and or an apple and again you will recieve a smooth blend of much needed proteins, fats and carbs to fuel your body with the right energy. Strong and stable energy.

Then stick some lentils in later on with some potatoes and peas and an avocado and you are on your way to some happy hormones and an energetic body.

If you are vegeterian you could start the day with eggs and add tomato for antioxodants to go with the protein and fats.

Later on greek yogurt, whey protein and an apple will give you great recovery from the workout with the probiotics from the yoghurt to keep your gut working and of course the apple for slow and steady release sugars and energy.

In the evening cottage cheese is very good as its high in tryptophan which relaxes you and high in protein while relatively low in calories so really a bang for buck food to eat. Stick some cucumber there with it to keep fresh and clean inside and some bell peppers for the antioxodants and you have a great mix. If you want some flavour add olive oil cook the peppers and stick some ginger, garlic and chilli to rev up the immune system and in turn your speedy recovery from each workout.

For pesceterian and meat eaters look at salmon which is high in omega oils and a great source of protein. I personally like adding peppers with chilli, garlic and ginger and if you are a meat eater chicken is a great source of lean meat which goes well with anti oestrogenic vegetables such as broccolli and cauliflower. This will help with any bloating or inflammation.

So. Yes. To be clear. If you want a large shapely and thick buttom with obvious muscles showing off a well designed booty then the right nutrition is absolutely essential otherwise it will simply look like bulk and fat which does not give any sort of fitness to the look. So go lean and muscly by eating lean and muscly.