balancing on one leg while closing your eyes is so important and funny enough it sounds so easy and yet so few trainers or clients can do it properly holding on the leg left and then on the right leg for a minute on each leg… there seems to be a lot of struggle and this isn’t good because what its telling us is we are not in tune with how to move our foot or feet into the ground properly or at its optimum for a healthy and injury free body.


what it does? foot balancing get you lock you foot, ankle and hips with all the surrounding muscles, so predominantly your bottom and your core will do most of the work to hold you up but the interesting thing is all the small muscle surrounding the calf are and the foot area as they will engage you will not be able to think about what the muscles each do individually but you will feel them… and this is good because they are starting to do their jobs too, what this means is the muscles will start activating or start being in use so that you hold yourself using the right muscles and properly, it will also translate into feeling stronger and more balanced… it will keep all muscles working in a balanced way to ward off pain and keep your injury free, and it will also allow you to perform we’ll in whichever activities you do as being able to use your foot, ankle and hips properly is extremely useful for any activity

so take off your high heels, stand on one leg, close your eyes, breathe for one minute and then change legs, when you want something more advanced come and pay me a visit in the heart of london for some personal training


happy training