So while I was training at a hotel gym I was limited with weights. There were only lightweights available so I ended up doing 4 exercises for 12 reps without any rest on the same body part.

I did standing curls slowly squeezing the Biceps the whole way through the whole movement from bottom range to fully squeezed bicep range where the fist is an upper cut position away from the shoulder. I did 12 of these followed by hammer curls with a neutral grip basically the way you would hold a hammer.  Then I did bent over row curls where I get parallel to the floor with a straight back and then curl the dumbbells again slight away from the shoulders and then squeeze and hold the Biceps for 1 or 2 seconds.

.I forgot to mention the 1st exercise before the other 3 were fast concentration curls on each arm which I did quickly.


I tried this on my client and it was really effective. I actually refined and changed it for him slightly. So exercise 1 standing curls x 12 reps slowly up and down and squeezing the bicep really hard at the top range of the motion for one or two seconds depending om intensity of the burn.

2 immediately into Hammer curls for 12 reps slowly at first and then into bent over row curls slowly. 3


4 do fast alternating curls for 24 reps. On the 2nd and 3 rd   round do as many slow curls as you can complete. If it burns too much do the reps quickly to complete the sets but quick warning the burn will get more intense in the Biceps but it will help you complete the set.