A lot of women like to be slim and strong without being over-muscled. Women are told a lot that they won’t get muscular, and I have to say I do think that’s rubbish. Women totally can bulk up and get a shape they don’t want from doing the wrong exercises and eating in the wrong way for the result they want, whilst some women don’t want to slim down too much. So there seems a lot of confusion out there…

With this blog and programme I approach training styles for women who are ‘skinny fat’ or have poor posture, weak core and arms.

I think there are a lot of women who are ‘skinny fat’ who go to trainers and end up bulking up.

From my successes with women who wanted to be stronger and firmer but were ‘skinny fat’ some easy solutions were:

Less sugar and more protein with each meal. Also, to eat sweet potatoes which are anti-inflammatory and also work as carbs. By eating more fats, such as avocados and nuts, you won’t lose muscle.

In terms of fitness, a 5 minute run is useful for some fat burning, as well as cardio with big weights movements for 12 reps – where you do squats with push presses for 4-5 sets with reps for 12 reps.

Added bridges if they can be done either for 5-6 reps, where you raise your whole body, or glute bridges for 90 secs. And then added in with 60 second intervals progressively set at higher and higher speeds and added with planks held for 60 secs.

A lot of women suffer weak triceps as they have lymph nodes there, so an absolutely essential exercise is for women to do tricep extensions and skull crushers.

Try these tips in the kitchen and in the gym!