There are some guys who start training in their 20s but are more into studying and books than training- this in turn effects their posture and their skeletal systems particularly around the neck and shoulders.

Some problems that occur are neck pains and back pain and hunched shoulders which is what my client came to me for.

At our first session simply getting him on a bike would destroy him even for 5 minutes. Now he can easily do 20 minutes with resistance packed on.


The neck pains will come on again from many hours of texting, being on the computer and studying books. When we embarked on training neck issues would trigger due to working on large muscles like the upper back, shoulders and chest.

When we train one part of the body together it will be sore for days on end from being underused in the past. The consistency of cycling has gotten him almost immune to cycling with high resistance.

So what starts as a slow start ends up becoming very strong.

Today we started on doing pull ups with which he cannot yet do one repetition. 1st I had him hanging from the pull up station and then doing shoulder dislocates to un round his shoulders and pull them back and down.

I also had him doing lower body Russian twists which are also now called windshield wipers. These enables him to twist the spine and open up the shoulders and chest. Despite 7 failed sets of one rep doing pull ups he was able to do half and three quarter reps which will turn into one rep eventually and much quicker than if using a resistance band.


So maybe someone is into reading and studying but that certainly doesn’t stop you from being strong and muscular. It will come with time and training.