I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Olympic Games are fast approaching. Pressure is ever-mounting to jump on the bandwagon and start waving your ‘cereal box’ sized union jack… So that’s exactly what we at AWPTS are doing.

The stadium for the Olympic beach volleyball is being built but a stones’ throw away from AWPTS. So we thought ‘what better way to get your body ready for the summer and show your support for team GB than training like a beach volleyball Olympian?’ Below we will outline the exercises that are the key to feeling like an Olympian.

  • CORE AND PILATES WORKOUTS – start timing and perfecting your plank techniques (we can show you how!)
  • Explosive WHOLE BODY MOVEMENTS – workouts such as the ‘Clean’ lifting technique as used by most Olympic athletes for the games.
  • A variety of SHOULDER PRESSES – which are amazing for improving your posture and your self-confidence by getting rid of the hunch in those office shoulders!
  • LUNGES AND SQUATS – If you want to be super strong in sports, life and have an extremely firm bottom, these techniques (done correctly) will give you that fighting fit edge over the competition!

So go on, wave that little flag and start training like the Olympians. You owe it to yourself and your country!

Adam and Finlay