Here’s a killer workout that will help you shed the lbs in time for summer:

Step 1.) A 45-minute run on a curved treadmill or outdoors if you don’t have any knee injuries.

Step 2.) 3 sets of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and hanging leg raises in a circuit.

Step 3.) Shadow boxing and kickboxing drills, consisting of 100 punches and 100 kicks.

Step 4.) 15 minutes of rowing.

Step 5.) Finish this high intensity workout off with handstands and stretching.

If you’re not strong enough to do these or don’t have the technique to do these well, then get yourself a really great trainer who has studied these movements in depth like myself.

In addition to the workout, eat more fats, more protein, more vegetables and starve yourself from the carbs as much as you possibly can!

This workout obviously doesn’t have to be done daily if you’re not a trainer or an athlete – it can be broken down into 2 workouts, 4 times a week. Depending on your schedule or ability, getting this done at least 2-4 times each week and eating well should get you into the best shape for your holiday ever.