You don’t get fit from only doing cardio or lifting weights in the gym, there are other very cool and beneficial ways to get healthy using just your body for example using a variety of hand and foot balances. All kinds of balancing requires focus and attention on the technique that it becomes almost meditative.

Balancing is great for full body control and manipulation meaning you can get great functional strength hence why martial artists and UFC fighters like George St Pierre and Connor McGregor adopt these techniques. To perform these movements well you need a good muscle to bodyweight ratio meaning you need to be lean, muscular and strong to perform which doesn’t give much room for waste and also gives you great agility and athleticism.

You can also get very fit, fast and powerful doing explosive bodyweight exercises like burpees, extremely strong core doing dragons, powerful doing handstand push ups and pull ups, and if you think of the military they have timelessly adopted push ups, squats, sit ups, pull ups and fast runs.

Bodyweight movements incorporating balancing are a great tool for anyone from martial artists, to athletes, to health enthusiasts and anyone that wants to get lean, muscular or strong.