Good health starts from the feet. This was revealed to me when I met a famous chiropractor Dr John DeMartini who claimed all postural issues stemmed from the feet and then end up all the way up to the neck, and of course there will be imbalances on the way up from the feet to the neck. Don’t worry, imbalances are completely normal and thats the nature of the human body, it will cause imbalances and problems so that you can work on fixing them, sometimes I think of the body as a vehicle to challenge the mind and wake it up.

Theres so many aspects of health, fitness, strength and good posture that you could hone in on by focusing on the feet.

Let’s take a look at single leg box step ups, essentially your teaching your body to immediately push from the heel, as soon as the heel is activated the glutes switch on and who doesn’t want great glutes. Ladies or gents, next up the core has to engage to lift your trunk up, as you raise your knee up in the air for balance to stay balanced the hip and the torso and the upper back have to be neutral and activated for you to hold your self up. this is one exercise that I would look at as foot stability.

Then you have dynamic function of the foot and at the moment I’m studying Thai Boxing and sprinting with the specialists in my team. What I’m getting from it is that in most sports, movement or activity the feet need to know how to function from heel to toe and then from toe to heel and then continue dynamically, quickly, continuously and powerfully, otherwise you are moving weakly which means you are re-creating and re-affirming imbalances rather than creating balance, power and wellbeing.

The problem I have found in myself and with my clients is that we, as in humans tend to move dominantly from the heel or dominantly from the toe. Take for example a lady who works in the office and wears high heels a lot, the amount of women I have trained to resolve these issues has been extremely common. Guys on the other hand who do a lot of heavy lifting, they will be heel dominant and end up having shoulder and neck issues, whilst the women will tend to have lower back issues. Of course there are men who have lower back issues from too much sports or martial arts and not enough strength work and there are women with shoulder issues from heavy lifts or excessive hours in the office but these are just general examples.

Good health starts from the feet. Fix your imbalances by fixing your feet.